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Choosing the correct health insurance coverage is one of the most important insurance decisions you can make.  By selecting the right plan, you can protect employees or family in their time of need.  However, a poor selection will likely lead to substantial loss.  Unfortunately, today's consumer is confronted with a daunting array of health insurance choices, and a sea of ever changing regulations.  It is often very difficult for the consumer to determine which plan best suits their needs.  What is required is an expert, to help one navigate through this increasingly complex environment.  The Perry Jones Group was created to meet this need.  Founded July 2006,  in Tracy, California, The Perry Jones Group now provides expert service to customers in several states.  At The Perry Jones Group, health insurance is not a sideline item, it is our focus.  Our services are invaluable to the consumer or business owner that needs to make the well-informed decision.  We are proud to say you will never reach voice mail or any type of automated answering system during our working hours.  There is always a knowledgeable representative available to assist you when you call.

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We are committed to providing you with great service and protection at the most affordable rates.  Our clients are our number one priority.

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